The Good Stuff

Seat yourself, this ain’t that kind of restaurant. And don’t call for reservations either.


The Wonderbar 012Jumbo Buffalo Wings
These tasty treats are tossed in Frank’s Original Sauce with a little of our own BBQ sauce. They’re not too hot, but they’ll still warm you up. Served with crunchy celery sticks and smooth bleu cheese dressing.

Moo Basket
A mixture of beer battered Monterey Jack and mozzarella cheese sticks. Served with marinara sauce for dippin’.

Muchos Nachos
We start with some red chili on the plate and a mountain of corn tortilla chips loaded with beef, cheese, jalapeños, diced onions, tomatoes and black olives. Served with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole.

Prairie Chicken
Boneless chicken, lightly breaded and fried golden brown. Served with BBQ or ranch dressing for dippin’.

Fresh Potato Chips
A big basket of our freshly fried, seasoned potato chips, served with malt vinegar.

Beer Battered O-Rings
Huge, extra thick onion rings with the great flavor of crispy beer batter. Stacked high enough to share, or keep ‘em all to yourself.

Wonder Bar Potato Skins
You have to try this one! Big tater skins filled with bacon and beef, cheese, jalapeños, onions, tomatoes, and black olives. Served with loads of sour cream. Hey, this isn’t fat free, so get over it!

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla
Jumbo crispy tortilla filled with zesty chicken, cheese, fresh peppers, pico de gallo, then grilled to perfection. Served with sour cream on the side.

Chili Cheese Fries
Hot, fresh French fries loaded with red or green chili, nacho cheese sauce and shredded cheese.

The Tower of Taste
We do some tater skins, some wings, some rings, a few cheese sticks for good measure and fresh chips. Served with bleu cheese dressing, sour cream, and marinara sauce.

South of the Border Sampler
Muchos Nachos, chicken quesadillas, a few kickin’ pepper poppers and a hearty helping of our wild wings. Served with sour cream and salsa.

The Pile Up
Start with a few burger sliders, some chips, crispy fried mushrooms, zesty jalapeño poppers, and a pile of chili cheese fries. Sharing is up to you…


All of our USDA ground beef is hand pattied by our Burger Chefs. Each 1/2 pound burger is flame broiled to order, served on our toasted roll with lettuce, tomato, red onion and crisp deli style pickle. All our burgers are served with Wonder Bar freshly seasoned potato chips or fresh French fries.

Garbage Can Burger
Try it if you dare! It’s topped with everything but the kitchen sink, and it’s not the same twice! You can ask for details, but we’re not talkin’.

The Wonder Burger
“A moment of silence please.” We top our burger with a fresh jumbo fried egg, sizzling bacon, Swiss cheese, and serve all that with Miracle Whip.

Brick Burger
Smothered with beer-braised onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and topped with lots of provolone cheese.

Beech St. Burger
Fresh ginger, pineapple and cream cheese atop our famous burger, served on a grilled pretzel roll.

Smugglers Burger
Where’s the bun? Who cares when you replace it with our baby red mashers. A fresh burger patty, some tasty mushroom gravy, and loads of shredded cheese. Hey, it’s still a burger.

The Mexi-Burger
This burger is open faced and topped with red chili, shredded cheese, tomatoes, olives, onions, jalapeños, and sour cream.

The Wonderbar 007The Bacon Cheddar
Crisp sizzlin’ bacon is topped with lots of cheddar cheese. A great one!

Black and Bleu
We throw in a little steak sauce while we’re cookin’ it, then top it off with crisp bacon and loads of bleu cheese.

Fire House #1
Sound the alarm! This burger is topped with hot stuff: jalapeños, thick salsa, pepperjack cheese and topped off with guacamole. Need to be hosed off?

The Wonderbar 013The Roadhouse Burger
This burger is full of kick! Spicy black peppercorns rubbed on thick, topped with pepperjack cheese and crisp bacon.

Patty Melt Burger
Our 1/2pound burger patty on marbled rye bread with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese. A downtown favorite!

Midway Burger
Our 1/2 pound burger patty on marbled rye bread with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese. A downtown favorite.

BBQ Burger
A true Western burger. Tangy BBQ sauce is lightly brushed over the patty, then it’s topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and a huge onion ring!

The All American
We DOUBLE the cheese and the beef! That’s right! It’s a FULL POUND DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER!

Mushroom Double Swiss
Grilled mushrooms abound, and the Swiss, well, it’s all over this tasty treat.

The Wolcott Reuben
We top this burger with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing. Served on marble rye.

Hold the Beef Veggie Burger
Not so traditional, but a garden burger patty grilled just right. It’s made of veggies, rice, spices, and other natural ingredients. Topped with sprouts, tomato and cheese if you wish.

The W.B.B.F.B
We had to shorten the name of this burger. It’s just too darn fat! Start with two whole pounds of flame broiled burger, slice up a whole tomato, layer half-a-dozen slices of cheese, add a fresh red onion, loads of crisp leaf lettuce, a pile of pickles and the largest bun you’ve ever seen! Oh yeah, you still get chips and French fries, because that’s how we do it at the W.B.


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Crisp breaded chicken tenders tossed in Frank’s Original Recipe sauce for added flavor. Served on our toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, and bleu cheese dressing!

Grilled Reuben
Tender slices of corned beef, piled high with loads of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing. Served on marbled rye, of course.

Pub Stacker
Sliced pork loin, smoked turkey and Swiss cheese layered on our ciabatta bread with yellow mustard, dill pickle and garlicky mayo.

Classic Club
It’s the classic triple decker, served on our toasted multi-grain bread. Turkey, ham, bacon, Swiss and American cheeses, lettuce, tomato, and Miracle Whip. Take the other half home!

Tuna Grill
We take our lightly marinated tuna steak and char grill it. Served on top of our toasted rolls and topped with provolone cheese.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
We top our broiled chicken breast with smokey ham and Swiss cheese on our toasted roll.

Smoked Turkey Melt
Tender slices of smoked turkey on grilled rye with Swiss cheese and crisp bacon. Served with guacamole on the side.

Casper Cheese Steak
Tender slices of grilled beef, loaded with peppers, onions, and provolone cheese on our toasted steak roll. You’ll need a fork and knife for this one!

Casper Cheese Steak
Tender slices of grilled beef, loaded with peppers, onions, and provolone cheese on our toasted steak roll. You’ll need a fork and knife for this one!

Toasted French Dip
Tender roast beef, stacked high with Swiss cheese and served on our toasted ciabatta bread with au jus for your dippin’ pleasure.

Crispy Fish Tacos
Beer battered fish filets, served in warm flour tortilla shells, with shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar jack cheese and tangy chipotle taco sauce.

El Dorado Chicken Sandwich
A zesty seasoned chicken breast, topped with pepperjack cheese, cool guacamole, tomato, lettuce and red onion.

Chicken Cheese Steak
Tender slices of grilled chicken, loaded with peppers, onions, and provolone cheese. Served on our toasted steak roll.

Chicken BLT
Our tender chicken breast, served on toasted ciabatta bread, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, and parmesan mayonnaise.

Stacked Turkey Caesar
Tender sliced turkey layered thick, topped with bacon, provolone cheese, tomato, red onion, romaine, and creamy caesar dressing.

W.B.B.L.T. with Cheese
It’s a big bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich served on deli rye or wheat bread. We put lots of Miracle Whip on it. Served with your choice of cheese.

The Pittsburgh
Roast beef, provolone cheese, tomato, coleslaw and French fries stacked and piled between our thick, white bread…yes, it’s all on the sandwich.

Monte Cristo Club
Start with smoked ham and turkey, add Swiss cheese, then French bread dipped in batter and toasted to perfection. Served with strawberry jelly to tease the taste buds even more!

Open Faced Sirloin Sandwich
Our juicy 8 oz. sirloin broiled your way, then topped with caramelized onions, tomatoes, and melted bleu cheese on top of our toasted ciabatta bread.

Wonderbar Headliners

Our Wonder Bar Headliners entrees are served with your choice of baked potato, freshly fried potato chips, French fries, baby red mashers or a side of pasta with marinara sauce. Of course, you can help yourself to the salad bar.

The House Cut Top Sirloin
This 12 oz. top sirloin is hand cut fresh in house, and served just the way you like it. We topped this favorite with our own tasty Wonder Butter for added flavor. You’ll agree, this is the house favorite!

Bleu Cheese Me, Baby
We take our 12 oz. top sirloin, broil it until you say when, then heap on melted bleu cheese crumbles. Hey all you bleu cheese fans, we finally got the hint!

Six Gun Sirloin
We mix up a special six pepper spice and blend it just right for putting that extra kick in our hand-cut 12 oz. top sirloin. We broil it to your likin’, then top it off with our sautéed bell peppers. Call the Sheriff, this steak is bustin’ up the place!

Steak & Eggs
Our 12 oz. top sirloin flame broiled, then topped with two over easy eggs and two strips of bacon. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this always hits the spot!

Honey Stung Chicken
A juicy flame broiled chicken breast glazed with “Sweet Heat” honey chipotle sauce. Topped with sweet peppers and cheddar cheese. Honey, I’m home!

Spicy Chili Cheese Meatloaf
This ain’t your mama’s meatloaf! Our thick cut meatloaf is a little on the wild side, with the right combination of spice to keep the kitchen warm. Topped with chunky salsa too!

Double Dipped Pork Ribs
Who said you couldn’t double dip? We take these extra meaty pork ribs and slow cook ‘em with their first dippin’ of smokey BBQ sauce, and just before they hit your table, we give ‘em another dippin’ just for good measure. It’s a full rack, folks!

BBQ Broiled Salmon
Wow, this entree makes the cooks hungry! We take our fresh salmon filet and baste it slowly with a peach BBQ sauce over an open flame broiler till it’s oh so tasty. It’s even tastier when paired with our baby red mashers!

Broiled Tuna Steak
Not only healthy, but a true house favorite! We take our lightly marinated tuna steak and char grill it the way you like it. It’s that simple!

Belly Buster Fish & Chips
One large, wait, HUGE, fish filet deep fried to a crisp golden goodness and served with our sweet tartar sauce.

Country Fried Chicken Tenders
A plate full of golden boneless chicken tenders served with a side of ranch dippin’ sauce.


No need for a potato, but help yourself to the salad bar.

The Wonderbar 006Wonder Bar Saucy Meatballs & Spaghetti
Some say it’s the sauce. We say it’s the meatballs that make the dish. A W.B. favorite with some of the biggest meatballs in the West resting on a huge serving of fresh pasta and rich marinara sauce. Did we mention the garlic bread?

Baja Chicken Alfredo
Our tender chicken breast broiled up just right and served over a bed of fresh linguini with creamy alfredo. Topped with diced tomatoes and shredded parmesan. Served with garlic bread.

Six Gun Steak Alfredo
This 8 oz. top sirloin is seasoned with our secret six pepper rub. Broiled your way and layered over a heapin’ bowl of fresh linguini with creamy red pepper alfredo sauce. Topped with red and green peppers and garlic bread too.

Garden Harvest Pasta Bowl
Fresh linguini pasta tossed in a light olive oil with fresh herbs and all your favorite veggies — tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, olives, peppers and broccoli. Sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on top and serve it with toasted garlic bread. Garden Goodness!


The Wonderbar 015Build Your Own Fresh Salad
Create your own salad from our always fresh salad bar. It’s loaded with fresh veggies, tossed garden greens, cheese, prepared salads, tasty dressings, and many more choices!

Farmer’s Market Combo
Enjoy a trip through the our salad bar with your choice of half a BLT, Loaded Baked Potato, or a big bowl of our Windy City Chili or the Soup of the Day.

Southern Fried Chicken Salad
Chunks of boneless fried chicken atop fresh garden greens, with ripe tomatoes, shredded jack and cheddar cheeses, red onions, bacon, and hard boiled egg.

Center Street Market Toss
Grilled chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomato, black olives, red onions, shredded cheese and bleu cheese crumbles on tossed greens. Some call this a Cobb salad, but we think it’s a toss up.

Chef Salad
We heap on ham, turkey, cheeses, hard boiled egg, and some other stuff. Served on crisp greens with your choice of dressing.

Tuna Steak Caesar Salad
We lightly marinate a tuna steak and serve it atop our hand-tossed, Caesar-dressed romaine. Served with garden veggies and parmesan.

Nacho Salad
We load our nacho beef on our home-fried tortilla chips and tossed greens. Then we add tomatoes, black olives, red onions, jalapeños, cheese, and top if off with sour cream and salsa. Ole!

The Steak Salad
We broil our sirloin steak the way you like it and then slice it and put it atop garden greens with a layer of our seasoned chips in between. Topped with shredded cheeses, tomato, and other garden veggies.

Chicken Caesar Salad
Broiled chicken breast atop our hand-tossed, Caesar-dressed romaine. Garnished with tomato, parmesan cheese, egg, and other good stuff!

Sesame Chicken Salad
A broiled chicken breast atop crisp lettuce, mixed with fresh peppers, red onion, toasted almonds, crispy noodles, and mandarin oranges with sweet sesame dressing.

Sweet Stuff

Fried Cheesecake
Creamy cheesecake that’s tortilla wrapped and quick fried for a unique taste. Served in a big bowl with ice cream, strawberries, loads of caramel, and whipped cream!

Big Ol’ Chocolate Sundae
Big enough to share, but why would you? Pure and simple, it’s lots of vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream and strawberries.

Peach Cobbler
This fresh peach cobbler is served warm with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Always a childhood favorite!